Westminster Magistrates’ Court Decision

westminster magistrates court

UK court rejects Turkish extradition request for Akin Ipek.

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Financial crime: Masak

The only officially authorised institution in Turkey to investigate financial crime is Masak. Masak started investigating the Koza Ipek Group and the Ipek Family on 04.08.2014. On 26.10.2015 trustees were appointed so that it could be better investigated due to the fact that it was perfect and that being perfect was not possible.

On 04.05.2016 and 26.09.2016 the Masak reports were announced whilst the companies were under the management of the trustees. On 23.03.2018, AFTER AN INQUIRY BY THE ASSIZE COURT, MASAK CONFIRMED THE ACCURACY OF THE REPORTS.

The Masak reports consist of tens of thousands of pages. All the questions that were asked and could be asked by the court have been explained one by one with concrete evidence and annexes. There is not one single topic left that has not been investigated or answered. Although no element of crime has been found in our group of companies or in our family, the 24th Assize Court is in search of an expert witness report based on interpretation.

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No Unlawful Income Found

Today ODA TV mentioned the Masak reports. Reading between the lines;
while they confirmed that there was no unlawful income in the Masak report in the concluded indictment, they tried to explain the question of why the trustees are still there by accusing the Masak officials. This matter will cause a huge headache in the future…
They are refusing to let go of an innocent group of companies.

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A request for my extradition

The latest news from the Pool Media is as follows:
The Turkish Prime Minister, Mr Binali Yıldırım asked the British Prime Minister, Theresa May to
extradite me.

This is what Mr Binali Yildirim must have said; I would not expect a prime minister to lie:

Akın Ipek is the owner of Ipek Media and the Koza Ipek Group, which was founded by his father
and which operates in 11 sectors and has a value of around 10 billion USD.
He is the founder of the Koza Ipek Foundation and Ipek University.

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Turkish Prime Minister Mr Binali Yildirim is expecting empathy

Turkish Prime Minister, Mr Binali Yildirim is expecting empathy…and so are we…

Apparently, A lady called Ozlem Zengin has given an interview to The Guardian.
I’ve heard that Mr Binali Yildirim, Simsek, Soylu, Celik and Eker are also in London.
I’ve heard that their priority issue is extradition and my name has been mentioned…
I saw Ozlem Zengin in Ipek Media and on Bugun TV.
I know the other names as well.
I hosted some of them at my home and in my hotel.

On their backs,
they carry: the anguished cries of more than 200,000 people unlawfully detained or arrested,
the rights of tens of thousands of people whose possessions they have confiscated and whom they have dismissed from their jobs,
the desperate cries of more than 18,000 women…
the distressing screams of 700 babies and toddlers with their families in jail, and the thousands of orphans left wretched outside.

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A piece of chewing gum in your mouth

It has become like popping a piece of chewing gum in your mouth, saying everyone else is a traitor but yourself…

They are taking the children, the wife, the mother, the brother, the sister, whoever they find and making their lives a living hell in jails, in courts – people who have never even been inside a police station before.

Why…? What did they do…? There is no answer. They are forcing people into a position where they have to accept all this.

Those who commit atrocities are right. The thief is not guilty. They have an important cause.

They haven’t done one thousandth of the things that I have done for my country, my friend… However,
They have reported that I am committing acts against Turkey under my name.
They cannot state what the activities are. Because they do not exist.

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Today’s sensationalist news, Akin Ipek used ByLock…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

On the 31st of August 2015, the Koza Ipek Group was raided due to claims that 7 billion USD was siphoned abroad, that the collection of donation gold was shown as production, that black money was laundered and a terrorist group was being financed, and that the Koza Foundation received a 122 million TL transfer from the Eregli Iron and Steel Works.

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A nest egg for the dark days ahead

Koza Gold Co. never even advertised in Ipek Media which was part of their Group.


There is no need to advertise to sell gold.

Now they are advertising it in the Pool Media, a private sector organisation.

This is a money transfer operation.

And now the children of ministers and politicians have descended on the Ipek Group.
They are looting it, saying whatever we gain now is a nest egg for the dark days ahead.

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Concerning the media business

The first question of the 24th Assize Court concerning the media business:

Why did you continue investing money in the media business when you were losing money?

Let me explain with an example so that the matter can be fully understood:

When the total amount of money spent is subtracted from the value of the goods, the gain is called the profit.

For example: If you buy a house with a 4-year installment plan, the monthly payments you make are not regarded as a loss. Whether you have made a profit or not will be clear when the amount paid in installments is subtracted from the value of the house at that time.

You can figure out the value of the house by looking at the houses sold in the same area and comparing their size.

What determines the value in the media business is the ratings. That is:

In February 2011, Cine5 TV was sold to a foreign broadcast group, Al Jazirah for 40.5 million USD with a rating of 0.4 %.

In November 2011, with a rating of 6.7, the ownership of Star TV’sbrand and broadcasting rights changed hands.

In May 2013, Show TV with a rating of 5.61 was sold to theCiner Group for 402 million USD by the TMSF.

In November 2013, TV8 with a rating of 0.88 was sold for 70 million USD.

In November 2013, the rating of Kanalturkwas 1.94.

As a result, it can be clearly seen that the market value of Kanalturk, which is a TV station and a national radio station, is 150 million USD based on the valuations above, and that when the value of Bugun TV,theBugun and Millet newspapers are added to this, the total value of the group will be at least 250 million USD.

Between 2010 and 2014, in 5 years the capital increase raised by the Ipek Media Group was 110,203,338 USD. We saw an increase of 140 million USD in value. This is the profit.

After the appointment of the trustees to the companies, when the impartial organisation was turned into adiscriminatory and biased organisation, the value of the group was zeroed. If TVstations lose their impartiality, their ratings and their value will fall.

There was an expert witness report

There was an expert witness report that constituted the pretext for appointing trustees to the Koza Ipek Group.

Since writing the report and the trustees being appointed based on this report, the man has vanished.

When it turned out that the allegations were false, even MASAK could not
find him.

It was understood that the man who wrote this fake expert witness report deceived the prosecutor.

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