The only officially authorised institution in Turkey to investigate financial crime is Masak. Masak started investigating the Koza Ipek Group and the Ipek Family on 04.08.2014. On 26.10.2015 trustees were appointed so that it could be better investigated due to the fact that it was perfect and that being perfect was not possible.

On 04.05.2016 and 26.09.2016 the Masak reports were announced whilst the companies were under the management of the trustees. On 23.03.2018, AFTER AN INQUIRY BY THE ASSIZE COURT, MASAK CONFIRMED THE ACCURACY OF THE REPORTS.

The Masak reports consist of tens of thousands of pages. All the questions that were asked and could be asked by the court have been explained one by one with concrete evidence and annexes. There is not one single topic left that has not been investigated or answered. Although no element of crime has been found in our group of companies or in our family, the 24th Assize Court is in search of an expert witness report based on interpretation.

In 2015, the expert witness reports that later proved to be fabricated, were hidden away and were written without having asked for any information from us. Trustees were appointed based on this report… When all the issues that this expert witness raised were confuted by Masak, it was revealed that the expert witness had never even answered Masak’s calls…lt was obviously a plot.

Brazen-faced, they are today trying to put on the same show. When there are tens of thousands of pages of a Masak report that came out after years of investigation, they are still trying to obtain a report that will be written by people who are biased against me and that will be based on an interpretation that will put me at a disadvantage. They are looking for expert witnesses like Comakli.

In a group that has been under the management of trustees since 2015, during which time, in 2016, Masak issued a report in which it stated that there was no element of crime; and confirmation of the accuracy of this report was sent to your court in 2018; and there was no possibility that anything might have changed; where then do you think all these expert witness things have come from, dear judge? How can this be? Have a heart.

I have written about SPK and VUK issues various times on this platform. There is no single activity that is against the law, the regulations and even the communiques. All decisions concerning the activities were made and announced at the general assemblies a year in advance. How can a matter be concealed when it is published in the official gazette?

As for past years, they were all cleared. The time limit for litigation has long passed. How can you perform a retrospective peer comparison when there was a decision made at the general assembly of the company and no action for annulment has been brought? These disgraceful actions will be taught in the capital markets.

Despite all this persecution and all these injustices and plots against us, I have never been disrespectful to anyone. And I am not going to be. However, there must be a limit… A limit in terms of the law, morality, and humanity.

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  1. AKP regime has put the law out of force. Only when the law is respected again can the injustices be made good.

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