Turkish Prime Minister, Mr Binali Yildirim is expecting empathy…and so are we…

Apparently, A lady called Ozlem Zengin has given an interview to The Guardian.
I’ve heard that Mr Binali Yildirim, Simsek, Soylu, Celik and Eker are also in London.
I’ve heard that their priority issue is extradition and my name has been mentioned…
I saw Ozlem Zengin in Ipek Media and on Bugun TV.
I know the other names as well.
I hosted some of them at my home and in my hotel.

On their backs,
they carry: the anguished cries of more than 200,000 people unlawfully detained or arrested,
the rights of tens of thousands of people whose possessions they have confiscated and whom they have dismissed from their jobs,
the desperate cries of more than 18,000 women…
the distressing screams of 700 babies and toddlers with their families in jail, and the thousands of orphans left wretched outside.

A very heavy load…

They have arrested my brother, my relatives and my colleagues too. They have confiscated my assets, including those of my family.

They’ve closed down my university and my media companies.

They don’t have any legal justification or a single shred of evidence.

The indictment is there for everyone to see.

This is not enough for them …

They are after more human suffering, more families being separated…

I’ve heard that Mr Binali Yildirim defended the legitimacy of the work they did to the BBC by asking, “What would you do if the British parliament was bombed? Understand us…” Apparently, he is expecting understanding.

What do people who denounce all kinds of terror have to do with this example?
What is the evidence? He did not comment on that.

If a comparison is to be made with London, then:
Our objection is this:
You cannot arrest all the people of London regardless of whether they are children, women, elderly people…
close all the universities, newspapers and TV stations in London…
declare that those who live outside London are guilty purely because they are relatives or they know people from London, and confiscate the possessions of those who have been declared guilty without trial,
and take their right to live from them…
because of a claim that there are criminals in London.

There is no request from anyone, other than for justice and a just and transparent judgment.

Turkish Prime Minister, Mr Binali Yildirim is expecting empathy…and so are we…

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