Koza Gold Co. never even advertised in Ipek Media which was part of their Group.


There is no need to advertise to sell gold.

Now they are advertising it in the Pool Media, a private sector organisation.

This is a money transfer operation.

And now the children of ministers and politicians have descended on the Ipek Group.
They are looting it, saying whatever we gain now is a nest egg for the dark days ahead.

Most honourable gentlemen;

I do in fact, feel truly sorry for you…

You steal your citizens’ belongings saying it’s for your good cause …

What you are in fact doing, is committing a crime. It’s organised crime, it is.

And those who appointed trustees and who did not dismiss them even after it had been proved that no crime had been committed, will have taken part in these crimes, too.

Imprisoning innocent people, seizing them and dragging them into the courts is to say, “Look at this monkey!” and to make you forget the looting.

We are not guilty in the eyes of the law, or indeed in the eyes of anyone with any moral values or humanity.

The indictment is there for everyone to see … I’ve published the answers with the documents.

The rest is empty talk …

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