There was an expert witness report that constituted the pretext for appointing trustees to the Koza Ipek Group.

Since writing the report and the trustees being appointed based on this report, the man has vanished.

When it turned out that the allegations were false, even MASAK could not
find him.

It was understood that the man who wrote this fake expert witness report deceived the prosecutor.

So; The prosecutor understood this, and he did not take the expert witness’s lies into consideration. He ignored them and did not include them in his indictment, either.

But in the meantime… he had appointed trustees based on this report …

The prosecutor himself will make a criminal complaint about the cheating expert witness…
He cannot afford to put himself under such huge suspicion.

TCK (Turkish Penal Code) Article 276 “false expert witness”“in case the judicial authorities or the expert witness, appointed by the board or by the individual who is authorised by law to investigate because of a criminal case or to listen to witnesses under oath, rule contrary to the truth, they are entitled to up to seven years in prison.”

If the 24th Assize Court reads the defense file, they will see that we were clearly plotted against by the false expert witness report. They will also see that the justification for trustees has ceased and that the subjects of the SPK and VUK are not in their area of responsibility…

My worry is the prospect of another expert witness plot in clear view of everyone
and putting the law aside and sentencing innocent people arbitrarily.

The duty of judicial authorities, the TMSF trustees, or the lawyers is not to persecute people.

On behalf of whom are the trustees in management? Whose interest are they serving? Koza Ipek Group is not a state owned company. The owners and who holds the right to management and control are clearly defined. Our main agreement and the general assembly decisions are there for everyone to see. These are our constitutional rights.

The only obligation of companies in the stock market is to be transparent, and to disclose the decisions that they take accurately and in a timely fashion. Not to transfer the management right and authority.

The trustees or the SPK have no rights to evaluate the success of the companies I have set up and expanded. If the investors at the stock exchange don’t like it, they invest in other companies. That aside, our group has grown over 900 times under my management.
Unbelievable …

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