The latest news from the Pool Media is as follows:
The Turkish Prime Minister, Mr Binali Yıldırım asked the British Prime Minister, Theresa May to
extradite me.

This is what Mr Binali Yildirim must have said; I would not expect a prime minister to lie:

Akın Ipek is the owner of Ipek Media and the Koza Ipek Group, which was founded by his father
and which operates in 11 sectors and has a value of around 10 billion USD.
He is the founder of the Koza Ipek Foundation and Ipek University.

He holds the record for paying the most tax in Turkey and he has not used any privileges from the
He created projects that contributed economically to all the local people in every region in which
his companies have operated. He gives social aid to everyone.
He has also awarded tens of millions of dollars worth of assets to our state.

We started investigating him in 2013.
In 2105, we appointed a trustee to his entire fortune due to a report that later turned out to be false.
Our investigations finished in 2017.

That there wasn’t a single penny found in his companies or belonging to his family, the source of
which was not known or where it was spent was not known, and that this information was reported
and approved by all the state auditing institutions including MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation

There isn’t a single piece of evidence to implicate them as guilty…

His companies have been managed by the trustees that we appointed in 2015.
We’ve allocated all of his assets, his hotels, planes, vehicles to our relatives.

With the decree law that we published in 2016,
we have declared that Ipek Media and Ipek University, which we closed down, without any reason
for doing so, are arms of a terrorist organisation.
We regard the investments and donations he made to these organisations as finance for

We confiscated everything without a trial … We closed the university.
In just one day, we dismissed thousands of students and hundreds of academics. We threw them
out onto the street.

We gave Ipek Media away for nothing, as a personal gift.
The University of Fine Arts has become offices for the wives of our ministers.

We want this man who emphasises the importance of democracy and human rights in every
speech he makes…

I do not know what Mrs May’s answer was.

If they ask me… I will repeat…
The facts will eventually come to the surface, anyway…

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