Today’s sensationalist news, Akin Ipek used ByLock…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

On the 31st of August 2015, the Koza Ipek Group was raided due to claims that 7 billion USD was siphoned abroad, that the collection of donation gold was shown as production, that black money was laundered and a terrorist group was being financed, and that the Koza Foundation received a 122 million TL transfer from the Eregli Iron and Steel Works.

On the 26th of October 2015, trustees were appointed after Comakli’s report to investigate the claims of money laundering, Smurf village, keeping double-entry accounting, the computers being ‘tired’, whether the Bergama gold mine was bought cheaply, Ipek Media investments, the process for the purchase of Kanalturk, the establishment of KOZA Ltd in the UK, whether the collection of donation gold was shown as production, whether speculation was made over the number of licences, claims of financing terrorism.

For the last three years, there has been nothing left of my life that they haven’t investigated: from my bank accounts to my emails to messages on my phone. Even my social media accounts were hacked, and my messages were shared.

The absurd lies concocted later, about 400 tons of gold being buried at the Hotel were also investigated and collapsed.

I left my cash, around 650 million USD in my companies’ coffers. Five different trustee teams have been investigating and they have not found a single trace of crime.

The indictment has been completed. None of these subjects is among the charges. There isn’t a single reason as to why the trustees should stay.

However, this giant group is still under the administration of the trustees… They are not going. It’s a farce; the trustees have taken my place, and are suing me to protect my interests on my behalf. They have taken my right to defend myself, too.

But; the Bombshell in the news is that apparently, I am using ByLock …

I have no ByLock or any other such thing on my phone, my friend…
These are also cut, copy and paste tales.

Finally; If you are looking for shocking news, look at the stories of those who have been put in prison or lost their jobs, look at the babies whose lives have been taken out of their hands, look at the people responsible for the mass destruction of the lives of women and elderly people of 80 years old and their relatives for putting money in the bank, using an application on their phones, supporting educational and humanitarian activities.

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