It has become like popping a piece of chewing gum in your mouth, saying everyone else is a traitor but yourself…

They are taking the children, the wife, the mother, the brother, the sister, whoever they find and making their lives a living hell in jails, in courts – people who have never even been inside a police station before.

Why…? What did they do…? There is no answer. They are forcing people into a position where they have to accept all this.

Those who commit atrocities are right. The thief is not guilty. They have an important cause.

They haven’t done one thousandth of the things that I have done for my country, my friend… However,
They have reported that I am committing acts against Turkey under my name.
They cannot state what the activities are. Because they do not exist.

Who may be acting against Turkey:

  1. Those who have suspended or abolished the Turkish Constitution altogether.
  2. Those who pass legal regulations concerning the whole country with omnibus bills and decree laws.
  3. Those who suppress and shut down the media, which is the eyes and ears of the national will.
  4. Those who cast millions of unsigned ballots into the ballot box and count them as valid.
  5. Those who collect taxes by force from the people and do not pay taxes themselves.
  6. Those who put money, that should go into people’s pockets, into their own pockets.
  7. Those who spoil the free and independent structure of the universities and close them down.
  8. Those who are criticised act as if evil is being done to the country.
  9. Those who discriminate against religion, sect, political identity and commit hate speech.
  10. Those who undermine the trust in the law in the society and make the courts into executioners’ offices.
  11. Those who do not consider something a crime when they do it, but consider it a crime when others do the same.
  12. Those who try to pass the state of emergency off as democracy.
  13. Those who even consider being a relative to a suspect a crime and punish them.

I followed the legal regulations to the letter. I did not use any privileges from the state.
I did not even work with a state bank. Let them show them if there are any …

There is not one single person whose heart I have knowingly broken, let alone anyone who I have harmed in any way…
History will pen the right list, my friend…

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