Today ODA TV mentioned the Masak reports. Reading between the lines;
while they confirmed that there was no unlawful income in the Masak report in the concluded indictment, they tried to explain the question of why the trustees are still there by accusing the Masak officials. This matter will cause a huge headache in the future…
They are refusing to let go of an innocent group of companies.

This is what has happened:

On 20 December 2013. The Masak Vice Chairman, Faruk Elieyioğlu was removed from his post.
The reason is known.
On 30 April 2014, the Masak Chairman Mursel Ali Kaplan was also removed from office
and Ibrahim Hakki Polat took office.
Who Ibrahim Polat is, can be easily researched in sources which are available to everyone and in his own declarations.
On 4 August 2014, Masak filed a 7 billion USD suspicious transaction
and production claim and sent it to the Prosecutor’s Office.

On 5 September 2014, the Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation based on this.
On 31 August 2015 the prosecutor raided and searched our companies.
On 26 October 2015, trustees were appointed in accordance with Article 133 based on the “Ertan Çomaklı” report.
On 11 November 2015, the Prosecutor asked Masak about the claims of the so-called expert Comakli who he had appointed.
The new president of Masak, Ibrahim Hakki Polat, investigated the Koza Ipek Group and the Ipek Family going back seven generations, including all their credit card spending.
He could not find a trace of crime.
On 12 March 2016 İbrahim Hakki Polat was removed from his post.
On 28 March 2016, Osman Dereli became the new Chairman of Masak.

On 4 May 2016, Masak’s report concluding the investigation was completed.

MASAK’s CRYSTAL CLEAR SPOTLESS REPORT was submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office on 4 MAY 2016.

A report that was the result of the work of 3 presidents, countless teams and 3 years of investigation.
There isn’t a single transaction the source of which is unknown or where it has been spent is not known.

The Koza Ipek Group, established by the late Ali Ipek, is one hundred percent a domestic family business which has not used any privileges from the state; has paid record levels of taxes in Turkey; has donated educational institutions and charities to the state, and has shared its income with every section of society.

The Koza Silk Group is a private company. There is no partnership with the state.
You can find the defence file at and my e-mail address, too.
Anyone from anywhere can ask any questions they wish to. I will be happy to answer them.
After three years of thorough and hostile investigations, ask what you like. Not everyone will be able to say, “I have the documents ready to provide the answers”…

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