The main indictment has been prepared

I’ve heard that the main indictment has been prepared. They’ve drawn a pyramid and given me a grey colour code on one of the lower levels. The Financer… In independent modern courts, the first question to be asked to the claimant is:

What is your evidence?

In my imaginary world… I thought that… Someone told me that…We’ve decided that… Statements like these are not acceptable as answers. And those statements that people were made to give by force, or by being bribed or blackmailed are not acceptable either. If there isn’t any evidence, there isn’t a claim, there is slander.

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Koza Ipek has been thoroughly and regularly inspected

Since it was founded, the Koza Ipek Group has been thoroughly and regularly inspected by all state institutions and independent international audit companies. In 2014, due to a suspicion, they started an investigation. To better investigate it, they appointed trustees at the end of 2015.

Whilst we were waiting for the two-year long investigation to finish, the management was transferred to the TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey ) in 2016. We are now coming to the end of the third year.

I have aged 30 years in the last 3 years but not because of things I have lived through personally, but because of what I have witnessed.

In the middle of the night, they took my brother from his home. They jailed a man who had never in his life seen the inside of a police station and they took him away from his family.

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An obligatory statement to the public

An obligatory statement to the public. They wrote and broadcasted such completely unreasonable claims, ludicrous slander, that 18 tonnes of gold was buried and searched for, and even found, according to some news articles, at my Angel’s Hotel, Marmaris.

I didn’t touch on it as it was such a ridiculous lie that no one could possibly take any notice of it. But even Fox TV broadcasted it as though it was serious news.


Koza Gold’s current underground reserves and those of the past ten years have been determined by 3D underground maps showing everything from the number of tonnes to the number of grams. It was approved regularly by an independent international audit company, SRK (earth and water resource services).

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The Koza İpek group was taken from its owners about a year ago

The Koza İpek group was taken from its owners about a year ago. It was given to trustees. The reasons given for this were: meeting in the Smurf Village to commit crimes, having a perfect accounts system, etc.

That’s what the judge’s ruling says. That the Smurf Village is fictional, and that all other claims are groundless came to light just after the trustees were appointed.


After a year, while the trustees were still in office, they all of a sudden ruled, that the company should be transferred to the TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey).  The reason for that is clear. They are planning to sell the Group’s assets. There is no indictment, let alone a trial.

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Alaaddin Kaya made additional statements

Alaaddin Kaya made additional statements. He mentioned my hadji mother’s name for no reason. He says, “She always used to say that she looked on Kemallettin Hoca as her son.”

I don’t know if she ever really said that or under what circumstances she said it.

But:  My hadji mother, Melek İpek saw Alaaddin Kaya once in her lifetime. And that was 15 years ago at an opening. She doesn’t know him. Kemalettin Hoca is my sister’s religious education teacher from Anatolian High School. She knows him from there. What is the reason for all these lies and slander?

Stop hounding this family and other innocent people.

I’ve known Alaaddin Kaya for many years in the printing business

I’ve known Alaaddin Kaya for many years in the printing business, and I’ve known Kemallettin Hoca since he was a religious education teacher at an Anatolian High School. I don’t take any notice of hearsay.

I haven’t seen either of them doing anything bad. Allah is my witness,

Nothing has come to me about Kemallettin Hoca.

If these indecent, illegal and bad deeds were committed, and whoever committed them or made people commit them and used people should know: That they will take on the sins of those naive and very warm hospitable Anatolian people who try so hard to be useful to people…

I appreciate the things that I think are good and keep my distance from things that I don’t understand.

I gifted the schools, mosques, and institutions to the state, brother. That’s the truth.

The night grew darker and darker, and the storm grew more and more violent

It never stops. And today, they have confiscated my companies. 10 billion USD. Without a trial, without a court. I haven’t done anything wrong, I haven’t committed a crime. I won’t stop living an honest life.

My religion prohibits it. I will only say,

Allah gave me all this fortune, and if He wishes He will give it to me again.

I have no expectations of people, either. But I am surprised at the intellectuals in my country. What is there except for all the slander written by the media; the media that prints only lies.

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Smashed down the garden wall of our house and broke into the house

This morning a crowd, along with council officials, smashed down the garden wall of our house and broke into the house. They are now in the house. Crazily, they are cheering with victory to the music of Ottoman military marching bands, and filming what they are doing at the same time.

Hearts have turned to stone, conscience has died.

Reason has been replaced by insanity. No one can do anything about it, But Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) is sufficient for us. How excellent a guardian he is.

Dear TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey) officials

With the last KHK (decree having force of law), the management rights of the Koza Ipek Group came under your institution. In fact, I believe the management will be better under you than under the trusteeship, as you are aware of the international monetary and assets markets. At least;

A company of important value to Turkey won’t be wasted.

First of all, in order to retain the value of the companies, it is essential to reinstate the high-ranking managers, who were dismissed for no reason, before they are recruited by international companies. If you interview them, you will see how valuable a team they are. Someone who was dismissed from a purchasing department is the current manager of the company. That’s the latest. Read more

There is so much sorrow and so many tears in the country

There is so much sorrow and so many tears in the country that I am ashamed to answer the slanders about me and my family.
Just for posterity’s sake, I have to write this. According to the section from the joint indictment that appeared in the media, these are the prosecutor’s exact words:

‘At the end of 2004, just as the Koza Ipek companies were about to go bankrupt, they made a profit, and from then on, they continued to expand. There is no reasonable explanation for the expansion of the group each year or the increase in their equity capital. Read more