I’ve heard that the main indictment has been prepared. They’ve drawn a pyramid and given me a grey colour code on one of the lower levels. The Financer… In independent modern courts, the first question to be asked to the claimant is:

What is your evidence?

In my imaginary world… I thought that… Someone told me that…We’ve decided that… Statements like these are not acceptable as answers. And those statements that people were made to give by force, or by being bribed or blackmailed are not acceptable either. If there isn’t any evidence, there isn’t a claim, there is slander.

Ipek Media was seized and closed down. Trustees were appointed to my fortune. The reason being, that I said, “You can’t burn down a whole village with the women, the elderly and the children because there is one criminal inside.

If there is a criminal, you should catch him and give him a fair trial.

Is there anyone who doesn’t agree and doesn’t think that this situation is insane? Have a heart… I shouldn’t have to say this, but there is an important issue here that those who are educated should take note of:

It is important where you stand and what you are opposed to rather than who you are with or who you oppose.

It is important to stand for democracy, universal human rights and universal law regardless of race, religion, sect, political party or ethnic background; and it is important to stand against injustice, tyranny and persecution regardless of who does it to whom.

There is no merit in animosity, blame or revenge for the past now.

When there is a huge flood, you don’t dig holes in the wall to mend it. Finally, I bought the plot of land for the girl’s hostel in Ankara and I spent 25 million TL of money from the Holding owned by my family. A PRIVATE PROPERTY. I allocated it to the

university. I didn’t claim tax benefit for it either. When you change the logo and put your name on it, does that make you the patriot, not me?

The light fittings have been stolen, and even the light bulbs. You heartless lot!

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