An organised crime was committed. That’s the truth

I felt obliged to write something after the 24th Assize Court read the court records dated 19.02.2018.


Apparently, your delegation has not understood the prosecutor’s indictment concerning the Koza Ipek Group and us.


In this extremely disordered indictment there is no charge against our group of companies or against individuals in our group regarding the income gained from terrorism… There isn’t even a claim as such.

The prosecutor’s claim in the indictment is concerning the capital increases of Ipek Media over the last ten years and the claim that the donations made to Ipek University were finance to terrorism…


And he shows the closing down of the aforementioned institutions by a decree law issued in 2016 as evidence.

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Sozcu newspaper’s lie exposed 

Today’s news in the Sozcu newspaper reads:
‘The fugitive Feto businessman smuggled between 55 and 75 tonnes of gold, using SAP accounting software.’

My answer to the Sozcu newspaper:

55 or 75 tonnes of gold is worth about 2.5 or 3.2 billion USD. This amount is Koza Gold’s total production capacity for ten years and its total production. SAP, meanwhile, is the world’s most trusted accounting software, the contents of which cannot be deleted.

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London Court rules Turkey has no claims over Koza Ltd’s Assets

In England, there was an interim court ruling on a case about Koza Ltd.

This ruling is important because it means that:

The Ankara Prosecutor’s Office and the judge’s investigation file on the Koza Ipek Group, the claims and the evidence will come to the UK.

The procedural and substantive aspects of the appointment of trustees will be examined.

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The Pool Media have published another news piece about me

Up until the end of last month, the SPK had never investigated the 70-year-old Koza Ipek Group, and now they have suddenly realised that Ipek Media is a terror organisation and that for the last 8 years they have been using their increases in capital to finance terrorism.

They added it up and multiplied it by two and fined me a penalty.

This is a new method they have devised to suck up the 700 million dollars in the coffers.

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We have never done anything evil to anyone

We have never done anything evil to anyone. We have never seen anyone do anything evil, either.  And we’ve never known any bad people. Until this period of time. Absurd slander and nonsensical lies have been told about this humble, cultured and philanthropic family.


With the gravest of difficulty and with limited means, we’ve been desperately trying to express ourselves over the last three years. In the meantime, it has come to light that those men were stealing the money and goods in their safekeeping and showering benefits on their friends and family.

This would never have come to light if the trustees hadn’t fallen out with each other.  Heartless people… people with no morals… liars… grave robbers…

Everyone will account for what they have done.

The SPK have made another criminal complaint

The SPK have made another criminal complaint (9th DECEMBER 2016) Here are the exact words: …the fact that cash funds were transferred to the Ipek Media Companies between 2007 and 2015 and that investments were made contrary to the principle of counterparts being on an equal footing, market tendencies, and the principles of honesty and conformity in commercial life; engaging in commercial activities including different pricing, fees, costs, and conditions and therefore causing the companies, Koza Ipek Energy and Koza Anadolu to lose at least 762,359.124 TL worth of capital and/or assets as of 01.12.2016…




It means: We haven’t been able to find any money that is unaccounted for in the companies. There is no donation gold whatsoever. There is no laundered gold or money either. There is 700 million USD cash in the coffers. That’s where all our attention lies.

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The news piece in Takvim today reads

The UKFIU (United Kingdom Financial Intelligence Unit) has ordered an investigation into the accounts of the former boss of the Koza Group, Akin Ipek, and Bankasya chairman, Ali Celik. Let me answer with confidence:


My personal accounts, in the name of Akin Ipek, my family’s accounts, and all the accounts of all the companies that I have managed can be investigated by all the state and independent institutions in the world. Read more

The main indictment has been prepared

I’ve heard that the main indictment has been prepared. They’ve drawn a pyramid and given me a grey colour code on one of the lower levels. The Financer… In independent modern courts, the first question to be asked to the claimant is:

What is your evidence?

In my imaginary world… I thought that… Someone told me that…We’ve decided that… Statements like these are not acceptable as answers. And those statements that people were made to give by force, or by being bribed or blackmailed are not acceptable either. If there isn’t any evidence, there isn’t a claim, there is slander.

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Koza Ipek has been thoroughly and regularly inspected

Since it was founded, the Koza Ipek Group has been thoroughly and regularly inspected by all state institutions and independent international audit companies. In 2014, due to a suspicion, they started an investigation. To better investigate it, they appointed trustees at the end of 2015.

Whilst we were waiting for the two-year long investigation to finish, the management was transferred to the TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey ) in 2016. We are now coming to the end of the third year.

I have aged 30 years in the last 3 years but not because of things I have lived through personally, but because of what I have witnessed.

In the middle of the night, they took my brother from his home. They jailed a man who had never in his life seen the inside of a police station and they took him away from his family.

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An obligatory statement to the public

An obligatory statement to the public. They wrote and broadcasted such completely unreasonable claims, ludicrous slander, that 18 tonnes of gold was buried and searched for, and even found, according to some news articles, at my Angel’s Hotel, Marmaris.

I didn’t touch on it as it was such a ridiculous lie that no one could possibly take any notice of it. But even Fox TV broadcasted it as though it was serious news.


Koza Gold’s current underground reserves and those of the past ten years have been determined by 3D underground maps showing everything from the number of tonnes to the number of grams. It was approved regularly by an independent international audit company, SRK (earth and water resource services).

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