There is so much sorrow and so many tears in the country that I am ashamed to answer the slanders about me and my family.
Just for posterity’s sake, I have to write this. According to the section from the joint indictment that appeared in the media, these are the prosecutor’s exact words:

‘At the end of 2004, just as the Koza Ipek companies were about to go bankrupt, they made a profit, and from then on, they continued to expand. There is no reasonable explanation for the expansion of the group each year or the increase in their equity capital.

Every year, money from an unknown origin was put into the companies. It was later found out that this was the money that FETO collected and it was put into the companies. All the companies in the Koza Ipek Group declared high profits, the sources of which were unknown. The large amount of money that was transferred to FETO institutions in the USA as donations has verified that the donation money was collected here.

Money from the publicly held Koza Gold Co., which exceeded the limit allowed for donations, was donated to a FETO institution, Ipek University. The SPK (Capital Markets Board of Turkey) made a complaint about the suspect Hamdi Akin Ipek over this issue. From all of the above issues, we can understand the source of the unexplained love for Gulen of the suspect Hamdi Akin Ipek and his family. The real reason why the company, which under normal free-market economy conditions was about to go bankrupt, and was supported by an unseen hand and expanded, was the donation money from the people who FETO deceived by using religion, faith and charity.’  Oh dear, Oh dear, One great big huge oh dear…

I’ve been saying this for years:
There isn’t a single unlawful kurush in my own or in my company’s accounts, the source of which is unknown or where it was spent is: unexplained, unaccounted for or undeclared, that was transferred to my group or from my group.


My evidence: the financial tables that are published on our official website. The independent international reports from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and the SRK (independent, international mining consultants), Official bank records, the Ministry of Finance, Masak (Financial Crimes Investigation Board) , Migem (General Directorate of Mineral Research & Exploration), and the SPK reports. I did answer the complaints of the SPK on this platform. You too show me a single piece of evidence.

After a year of trusteeship management, they confiscated all my assets without a trial; without showing even one single piece of evidence and without letting me use my right of reply. Money is at the heart of all evil; they are not leaving the trustees behind. Apparently, they have been given positions in the TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey).

Allah (SWT) is sufficient for us. How excellent a guardian he is.

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