It never stops. And today, they have confiscated my companies. 10 billion USD. Without a trial, without a court. I haven’t done anything wrong, I haven’t committed a crime. I won’t stop living an honest life.

My religion prohibits it. I will only say,

Allah gave me all this fortune, and if He wishes He will give it to me again.

I have no expectations of people, either. But I am surprised at the intellectuals in my country. What is there except for all the slander written by the media; the media that prints only lies.

Shouldn’t we endorse the right to a fair trial and human rights, rather than specific individuals or groups? If you are going to declare me a criminal without giving me a trial, what is the judiciary there for? People are being executed without a trial. Lives have been destroyed. There is too much sorrow and too many tears, brother.

What goes around, comes around.

There is Allah (SWT).

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