With the last KHK (decree having force of law), the management rights of the Koza Ipek Group came under your institution. In fact, I believe the management will be better under you than under the trusteeship, as you are aware of the international monetary and assets markets. At least;

A company of important value to Turkey won’t be wasted.

First of all, in order to retain the value of the companies, it is essential to reinstate the high-ranking managers, who were dismissed for no reason, before they are recruited by international companies. If you interview them, you will see how valuable a team they are. Someone who was dismissed from a purchasing department is the current manager of the company. That’s the latest.
You will find the most comprehensive information about Koza Gold Co. and the group of companies in the prospectus that was prepared in English for foreign investors, for the public offering. If you can’t find it, I can provide it.

Since our Group of companies was first established, the companies have been financially audited by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), and the metal and reserve resources have been audited by the SRK (Independent, International Mining Consultants); reports have been regularly issued for domestic and international investors. Concerning the reports, even records of all the borehole samples must be kept.

Koza Gold Co.’s gold resources alone are more than 12 million ounces according to JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) standards. And according to the SRK reports, there is potential for an increase of 50 percent.

You will see from the reports that since the foundation of our companies, we have transformed the SRK’s increase potential into resources, and the resources into reserves. This will sum up to around 25 billion USD. You will also notice when you have a look at Koza Anadolu Metal Co.’s copper and gold resources that the potential for it to surpass Koza Gold Co. is high, and this is in the SRK reports.

The consolidated balance sheets cover the other companies as well. As you know the PwC and the SRK reports are counted as international expert witness reports. I am trying, to the best of my ability, to legally defend our rights. The international law process has begun. I can keep you informed about this if you like. I wish your institution success. Good luck with everything.

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