I felt obliged to write something after the 24th Assize Court read the court records dated 19.02.2018.


Apparently, your delegation has not understood the prosecutor’s indictment concerning the Koza Ipek Group and us.


In this extremely disordered indictment there is no charge against our group of companies or against individuals in our group regarding the income gained from terrorism… There isn’t even a claim as such.

The prosecutor’s claim in the indictment is concerning the capital increases of Ipek Media over the last ten years and the claim that the donations made to Ipek University were finance to terrorism…


And he shows the closing down of the aforementioned institutions by a decree law issued in 2016 as evidence.


Indeed, the request for confiscation was not made because of the claim of finance for terrorism. As the assets mentioned have already been confiscated…They cannot be confiscated again, can they?


The prosecutor asks for confiscation because of the violation of SPK laws.


I am not talking about our defence, this is the prosecutor’s claim in the indictment.


In fact, not a single regulation or even a communique have been violated by the Koza Ipek Group, let alone any SPK laws.


On the contrary…


Trustees were appointed to the Koza Ipek Group on account of Comakli’s expert witness report which was later proved to have been fabricated by the prosecutor’s office, too. An organised crime was committed. That’s the truth.


In addition, you mention Ipek Media news and imply crimes have been committed.


You mention but you don’t specify which news…


Show me a single news item that includes a lie, a slander, an insult or a disrespectful remark, if there are any.


You can’t. There won’t be any.


To be continued…

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