Today’s news in the Sozcu newspaper reads:
‘The fugitive Feto businessman smuggled between 55 and 75 tonnes of gold, using SAP accounting software.’

My answer to the Sozcu newspaper:

55 or 75 tonnes of gold is worth about 2.5 or 3.2 billion USD. This amount is Koza Gold’s total production capacity for ten years and its total production. SAP, meanwhile, is the world’s most trusted accounting software, the contents of which cannot be deleted.

Even in the KozaIpek indictment which has finally come out after three years, there is no such absurd lie. If there was, it would be the easiest lie to expose.

The Editor in Chief, brother Metin Yilmaz;

You worked as an editor in chief of my newspapers for years.
Did you ever receive even the slightestintervention from me or did I ever show you a lack of respect?

Don’t you think this family has had enough of slanders and has suffered enough?

Isn’t it too absurd to call me ‘a Feto fugitive’ when your boss has suffered a similar kind of injustice?

Would I have suffered if I had joined the Pool Media in the beginning and had been one of those who aggressively attacked any targeted opposition without limits?

I was stabbed because I was a shield for journalists’rights to freedom of expression and I gave the right to freedom of expression to people of all walks of life; that is a necessary part of democracy.

Everyone is a witness to the fact that in my media group people from all walks of life were given the chance to speak;it is a universal human right. Hence, I had sincere support from people of all walks of life when we were raided and treated unjustly.

Accept it or not, they have put you and us all in the same bag and called us ‘Feto’ and they are skinning us. It won’t do you any good to say, release me and take him.

I know that you are a very good journalist and a good person.
Don’t hit out at vulnerable people whose lives have already been shattered, my friend.

If you are interested, the Koza Ipek indictment is out. Let your lawyers, your financial advisors examine it. Any questions you have, let me answer them.
It is worse than the indictments of the Cumhuriyet newspaper and the other journalists.

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