Taking the bread from the hands of innocent people

Today’s Oda TV news reads: ‘What is all this saying one thing and doing another?’

Oda TV has discovered that one of the trustees who was appointed to the Koza Ipek Holding had previously worked in the office of one of our lawyers, one of about 50 trustees…

The man who worked in one of our dozens of lawyers’ offices defends himself like this:

“When I started work at the office, I dismissed 130 out of 170 people who worked for the group when Akin Ipek was here.”

Taking the bread from the hands of the innocent people who built Koza Ipek Holding alongside me and were only doing their jobs with sweat on their brows, is seen as praiseworthy;whereas dismissing this trustee,a man who has contributed nothing and has made no effort, and taking him away from the dinner table is seen as a huge injustice…

This man is a lawyer, a man of the law…

Oda TV should read the Koza Ipek indictment, and ask their financial advisors and lawyers; what crime is there in this? They can ask me, too. Bring it on!

The SPK is charging the executive board of the group of companies, which grew 900 times in terms of USD in ten years, of causing loss to the company. On top of this charge, the prosecutor regards the donations made to Ipek University, which was foundedby a law passed in parliament and the investments in Ipek Media as terror activity.

And his evidence is not the activities of these institutions but the fact that they were closed down by a decree…
If there wasn’t any decree, then the crime woulddisappear…

Thank God, I was the one who set up these companies. They grew from 20 million USD, into a multi-billion USD enterprise. I declared 70 percent of my income as profit and paid my tax out of it.

There isn’t a single crime that either my family or I have committed but there are a lot of serious crimes committed against my group and my family.

Confiscating a giant group, a group as clean as a whistle,such as Koza Ipek; sucking the life breath frominnocent people and giving it to those who side with youis a serious crime.

Announcing these major crimes as though they are something to be proud of is like whistling while walking through a graveyard so as not to tremble with fear.
The truth will come out one day. Justice will be done.

Finally, I have summarized the 600-page-long indictment of the prosecutor in 12 pages. I can send it with the answers if anyone is interested.

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