It looks like I am going to have to answer all the claims based on information published by the Pool Media before we are finally able to obtain the Ankara prosecutor’s indictment.

Today’s Pool Media news is interesting:

‘Maps stamped ‘classified’ were found at Akin Ipek’s.’

‘On the classified maps, the acquiring of which is a serious crime, the geographical features of the Earth are represented by symbols.
In the report regarding the maps, it was noted that they belonged to the General Command of Cartography.
It was warned that it would incur heavy penalties according to the Turkish Penal Code and the Military Criminal Law.’

My answer:

The prosecutor has finally contrived to get me into a position where a severe penalty could be incurred.

But there is a problem:

All maps in Turkey are purchased from the General Command of Cartography for a fee.

The maps he mentioned were purchased for a fee, in the same way as everyone else purchases them.
It is anyway stated in the record where it was purchased.

In the past, it was a tradition, forall of the 1/25,000 maps to be stamped ‘classified’. Now that maps can be retrieved from Google via satellite imagery, they are not stamped ‘classified’.

I wish the prosecutor had asked the General Command of Cartography first, then he wouldn’t have ended up with egg on his face.

In the news, it also mentions that I prevented any plants being set up in the region using these maps.

But it does not mention how this would be possible with maps that anyone can purchase.

That the geographical features of the Earth are represented by symbols on the map is specifically stated.

I have been in the mining industry for 20 years, and I haven’t seen a single map where the geographical features are not represented by symbols.

They are not in a position to draw the real thing, so instead they use symbols.

Finally, can there really be such a thing as classified map, my friend? Now it is possible to locate the probable metal fields by taking satellite pictures of the 153,000 colour tones on the Earth and separating them.

Classified map – really?

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