I’ve finally finished reading the thousands of pages of appendices of the indictment about the Ipek family, the KozaIpekGroup and the top management of the Ipek Group.


1) KozaGold, which made a profit of 3.2 billion TL, donated 178 million TL to Ipek University.

2) Ipek media has increased its capitalby 198 million TL since its foundation.

The public prosecutor says, these capital increases and donations caused the KozaIpek Group, which has in excess of 60 billion TL worth of gold resources certified by the SRK, to make a loss and this loss is the finance for terrorism.

That’s exactly what he says … In the same indictment;

Masak, has investigated the employees of the KozaIpek Group, and the Ipekfamily as far as their relatives seven times removed. There is no single dollar the source of which is not known, nor where it was spent. The Group is spotless.

The fact that all the financial statements reflect the truth, as approved by independent international audit companies, has been approved by the Ministry of Finance and the SPK (CMB) as well.

There is not a single item that the companies do not comply with to the letter in the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Market Law, the regulations or even the communiqués.

There isn’t a single defect in the YOK, VAKIFLAR, RTUK, BIAK supervisions, either.

The KozaIpek Group is one hundred percent a private sector group, not a public partnership.

All decisions have been taken by the owners of the companies and announced in a timely fashion. There is no hidden or covert activity.

Failing to have found any entry of suspicious money or transfer of money outside the company, the prosecutor, has found a remedy to thisby claiming that the Ipek Group of companies had transferred money between themselves.

To find grounds for this claim, he has appointed the SPK and the Ministry of Finance.

Incredible but true. We will talk about this…

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