The Koza Ipek Group used to declare its financial tables to the public every three months until the appointment of the trustees.

The trustees, on the other hand, are not declaring the financial tables for the one and a half year period of their management.

The Koza Group should currently have more than 700 million USD cash. And no debt from loans. After the fight between the trustees, we wondered why the cash had gone down to 250 million USD…


The financial claims in the main indictment are from 2014. All those claims were answered, investigated and proved wrong.

I have said numerous times that all the financial complaints are nonsensical absurd slanders.

It emerged one more time during the period of trustee management.

The period when I was in management is as clean as a whistle.

And from now on, we will see what has been done during the period of trustee management.

The claim that the trustees collected donation gold and met the production targets might be thrown in…

Or the claim that they have purposefully caused the group of companies to make a loss.

The question is; after 1.5 years, why are the trustees still at Koza – what are they doing?

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